Alvarado Finalist at CAGWA Super Tournament

Over the weekend Rat Pack wrestler Adam Alvarado competed in the CAGWA Super Tournament.  Adam took 2nd place in the 98 lb wieght class! CONGRATULATIONS Adam!  This brings his record to an amazing 33 wins and only 1 lose!  Keep up the hard work and dedication Adam, we’re looking forward to seeing you continue to improve and grow in the sport!

2 Responses to “Alvarado Finalist at CAGWA Super Tournament”

  1. Brittany and Aubree says:

    Go Adam!!!
    we loveeee youuuu.<3 go kickkk assss.(:

  2. Brittany and Aubree says:

    hello adam it is brittany andd aubss.(:!
    yuu better tell us when yuur next turniment is so we can go watch yuu wrestle sum guyzz&&kick sum buttt.(:
    yourree aamzinggg.<3
    we love youu.<3

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