Last weekend Rat Pack attended the “Orange County Summer League” wrestling tournament. Before we get into the details we want to thank all the families and friends who came out to support us! For those of you who couldn’t make it, consider yourselves LUCKY…it was hot beyond belief. We took up 16 wrestlers in varying weight classes and levels. Among our top performers were Kef Weltner, Cameron Calburg and Damon Couch. We are really starting to see all of our wrestlers progress into the champions we know they will become. GREAT job to all of our wrestlers! We look forward to a promising season!


Adam Alvardo 105-3rd

Max Epstien 119-3rd

Peter Ishiguro 125-4th

Cameron Carlberg 130-Champ

Nick Rinella 135-2nd

Joe Bak 140-4th

Christian Seadorf 152-3rd

Damon Couch 160-Champ

If you have any questions about Rat Pack or would like to join the team you can contact Coach Fernando at

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